2012 The University Roundtable, San Antonio TX
2010 Artist of the Year , San Antonio Art League
2008 Creative Capital Workshop, San Antonio, TX.
2005 Artist Residency, Southwest School for Art & Craft, San Antonio, TX.
1995 Artist Residency, The Majestic Ranch, Boerne, TX.
1994 Grant, Art Matters, NY, NY.
1991 Globe Award for Original Concept and Script, San Antonio, TX.
1990 Grant, Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs, San Antonio, TX.
First Award, Texas Art Celebration, Houston, TX.
1988 Fellowship, Dow Creativity Center, The Northwood Institute, Midland, MI.
1983 Organization Award, National Endowment for the Arts.

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Artist on Artist: Gary Sweeney Interviews Marilyn Lanfear
Marilyn Lanfear tells many stories - San Antonio Express-News
A Visual Storyteller: Marilyn Lanfear makes art about life using ...
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MFA, The University of Texas at San Antonio 1978 BFA, The University of Texas at San Antonio 1976


Excerpt from the book: A World of Art by Henry M. Sayre

“ . . . a unique book just published by Trinity University Press. “ART AT OUR DOORSTEP” explores two of the strongest strata of San Antonio’s artistic community: the writers and the visual artists. The group includes . . . MARILYN LANFEAR.”
Steve Bennett, book editor, San Antonio Express-News, May 14, 2008, pp 1G & 10G.

“In the upper right corner, you can see a crew boat taking men out to an oil platform. . .

“A virtuoso work with thread and needle, “UNCLE CLARENCE’S THREE WIVES” combines old-fashioned materials with a contemporary sensibility, exploring women’s changing roles and fashions through three decades in the life of an American family affected by war, prosperity and a horrible tragedy.”
Dan Goddard, S. A. Artist Lanfear's Works on Display," San Antonio Express-News, April 12, 2007, p 4F.

“But while rooted in her childhood and life in Texas, Lanfear’s art reflects the highest level of intellect and craft. She transforms feminine craft though techniques most often associated with men’s trades – welding lead dresses and carving curtains in wood…

“Lanfear has taken a family’s oral history and translated it into conceptual sculptures and installations that avoid nostalgia and sentimentality while reminding us that memory and even life may be fleeting, but stories can last forever.”
Dan R. Goddard, "Long Wearing Art," San Antonio Express-News, May 4, 2003, pp 1J & 3J.

“Lanfear is a renaissance woman. She takes domestic craft and turns it into fine art. She is equally skilled as draftsman, sculptor, seamstress and quilt maker.“
Henry Rayburn, "A Durable Trace: The Art of Marilyn Lanfear," ARTLIES, Spring, 2003, p 70.

“In life-size tableaux made of paper, fabric and furniture, Lanfear explores turn-of-the-century life in South Texas through narratives based on her family’s history in the region.”
Frances Colpitt, “Jewel in the Rough,” Art in America, February, 2002, p 63.

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