" Marjorie's Story (Jerry Rigged):
('The Spirit Is a Potent Force for Survival')" Carol Saleski

Wood, artist made paper, table, rope, stone,
Gouache, blocks and tackle, peach tree limb
Installation: 12x15x9' Approx.

From Some Death Stories: One That Really Happened

She was the last of 7 children.
When she was 1 she toddled into the fire.
When she was 2 she moved into town.
When she was 4 she threw a hissy-fit on the front porch because she wanted to go out to the fields with her dad.
(He came back up the steps and gave her a swat with his glove.)
She ran under the cook table many a time to escape her mama's peach tree switch.
When she was 14 she went to the Pentecostal Church to laugh and stayed to join.
She already has her tombstone in place.
Her new heifer is named TARA MARIE NICOLE after Sister Nance's great-granddaughter.

She should have been a boy.
She learned to plow but never learned to cook and clean.

When you ask her how she feels she says better.
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